6 Tips on How to Have A Great Wedding Reception

As the ceremony is the most important part of the special day, the reception is definitely what guests look forward to. There are many ways to make the reception a memorable night that your guests won’t forget.

Here are six tips on how to have a great wedding reception.

Add a Lounge Area

If possible, add a lounge area for guests to sit down and relax after a night of dancing. This will help promote conversation and keep guests who are not interested in dancing entertained.

Plan a surprise performance

Whether it is a particular number of you and your partner dancing or a professional, surprise your guests with excellent entertainment. Depending on the theme, consider a belly dancer, different band, or even salsa dancers to liven up the mood.

Arrange A Thoughtful Seating Chart

What should sound obvious is often a moment of concern for some guests. Seat guests with people they know and will get along with. This creates an enjoyable environment and leads to a great dance party.

Consider the kids

For many guests, keeping their children entertained is often a downer. Why not keep the little ones entertained throughout the night and give their parents a chance to enjoy the dance floor. Provide a special area for them and arrange for a babysitter to prepare movies, activities, games and more. Kids can enjoy coloring books and small toys without the thought of boredom.

Plan an Interactive Food Station

Having great food is always the highlight of the celebration. With customizable menu, guests can choose exactly what they like and enjoy making it in the process. Go for a pasta bar or a dessert station where guests can choose their toppings and sauces. Not only will the guests be well-fed, but they will also surely have a splendid time.

Got any tips on how to have a great wedding reception? Comment below and let us know!

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