6 Tips on How to Have A Great Wedding Reception

As the ceremony is the most important part of the special day, the reception is definitely what guests look forward to. There are many ways to make the reception a memorable night that your guests won’t forget.

Here are six tips on how to have a great wedding reception.

Add a Lounge Area

If possible, add a lounge area for guests to sit down and relax after a night of dancing. This will help promote conversation and keep guests who are not interested in dancing entertained.

Plan a surprise performance

Whether it is a particular number of you and your partner dancing or a professional, surprise your guests with excellent entertainment. Depending on the theme, consider a belly dancer, different band, or even salsa dancers to liven up the mood.

Arrange A Thoughtful Seating Chart

What should sound obvious is often a moment of concern for some guests. Seat guests with people they know and will get along with. This creates an enjoyable environment and leads to a great dance party.

Consider the kids

For many guests, keeping their children entertained is often a downer. Why not keep the little ones entertained throughout the night and give their parents a chance to enjoy the dance floor. Provide a special area for them and arrange for a babysitter to prepare movies, activities, games and more. Kids can enjoy coloring books and small toys without the thought of boredom.

Plan an Interactive Food Station

Having great food is always the highlight of the celebration. With customizable menu, guests can choose exactly what they like and enjoy making it in the process. Go for a pasta bar or a dessert station where guests can choose their toppings and sauces. Not only will the guests be well-fed, but they will also surely have a splendid time.

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Top 5 Wedding Trends to Look for in 2017

Every year, wedding trends are getting bigger and bolder than before. While some are perfect for simple weddings, others are over the top. No matter what budget you have, there are always ways to make your big day the wedding of your dreams.

Check out these top wedding trends to look for in 2017.

Personal Invitations

Looking to hype up your guests for the big day? This year is all about foil stamping; Plexiglas invites and glows in the dark ink. Be sure to check our bold envelopes and illustrations.

New Take on Souvenirs

How many salt and pepper bottles do you have in stock? It seems like more couples are looking for useable giveaways to use after the wedding. Deconstructed welcome bags are becoming a hot trend, especially for destination weddings. Another trend is the DIY bag where guests can fill up on snacks, sweet treats, and even some wine.

Saying What You Want

From used vases to unique spoons, more couples are confident in actually saying what they want. Many are looking for unique gifts to cash and even memberships. Not only does that make the whole wedding gift shopping easier, but the couple will also be one step closer to getting the gifts they can enjoy. Charity registries are also on the rise as many use cash gifts for a new home or even for their honeymoon.

Eco-Themed Wedding

This year, the wedding décor is all about going natural. From oversized potted plants to vinery throughout the ceiling, incorporating natural elements like stone or wood is making a huge comeback.

Truck Feasts

With today’s millennial couples, food trucks and multicourse meals are replacing the traditional sit-down dinners. Now guests are enjoying food trucks with an interactive environment. You can feature your favorite eats like an on-site sommelier for serving the meal family style for an unexpected twist.

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Top 4 Wedding Style Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding, choosing the right colors and styles is not always easy. In fact, just because you have two favorable colors, doesn’t mean they will work together. Here are the top wedding style mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Using too much color

With only a few exceptions, you should pick a maximum of four colors that will go well together and stick with it. Using the same color scheme throughout the decoration will create an effortless flow. Every detail will pair well and compliment your wedding vision. If you narrow your color palette to a select amount of colors, this will keep the elements from looking messy.

Another option is to choose varied shades of the same color. Adding depth to a specific shade will complement the décor without becoming too busy. You can also choose a monochromatic style with a bold shade of creamy white or purple. The idea is to tailor the décor with effortless style.

Mistake #2: Limiting to TWO bold colors

While using too much color will create a mess, how you chose your color variety will make all the difference. The trick is to use neutral colors like brown and cream and fog or shades of the same color to create a color scheme. Consider natural palette sapphire and sky blue with gray and white neutrals.

Mistake #3: Using Trendy Colors

When planning your wedding, it can be easy to be on trend and copy what you’ve seen in magazines. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best style for your wedding. Choose a style that you will enjoy for the long term. After all, they will be shown in photos for the years to come.

If you are into the colors of the year, consider using hints of the shade instead of making it the leading tone of the wedding.

Mistake #4: Using an Unbalanced Ratio

One of the major mistakes couples make is the color contract. Having two bold colors does not mean you should use each for half of the design. Decide which hue will become the main shade and work around your decisions from lights to drapery. If you want a bold coral shade, choose a muted shade to compliment the color like navy or pale blue.

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